Indoor & Outdoor Allergy

Are you concerned about seasonal allergies? Discover your true allergies by testing your IgE response to indoor and outdoor allergens
Millions of people have seasonal allergies or year-round indoor or outdoor allergies. Most individuals experience sneezing, congestion, runny nose, and watering eyes due to indoor or outdoor allergies from allergens such as pet dander, grass, pollen, and all other allergens that your body is constantly exposed to. Interestingly, some of us can't pinpoint what we are allergic to, or you want to confirm that you are allergic to something, and if that is you, this test might be right for you. This could be your first step to getting rid of those unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms and living a happy and healthy life. So, let's nip these allergies in the bud!
Approximate Turnaround Time
72 hours
Allergens Measured
Includes: Bermuda grass, Cat Dander, Dog Dander, Dust mite, Johnson Grass, Kentucky Blue glass, mouse urine, mugwort, Ragweed, Urinalysis



Knowledge is Power

Many people experience seasonal allergies and some experience year-round allergies. Your body treats these allergens as a threat, and therefore as part of your body's defense mechanism, your body produces IgE antibodies to get rid of these allergens. Check out most of the symptoms associated with indoor or outdoor allergies under who should take this test!

This test looks at the IgE antibodies produced by your body when you are allergic to a specific indoor or outdoor allergen.  Measuring IgE levels can indicate that your body treats a particular substance as an allergen. High levels of IgE could indicate that a substance introduced into your body is a true allergy.  However, IgE tests are only a great diagnostic tool to identify potential allergies in the presence of other information such as your family history, age, a clinical evaluation, and knowing if you have other conditions such as atopic dermatitis.  These factors should be taken into consideration when diagnosing a true allergy, and our healthcare professional can help you seek the answers you are looking for.

MyHomeLabs was created to help give individuals like yourself smart testing solutions and healthcare advice at your convenience.  We are here to help you take care of your health without disrupting your daily lifestyle so you can focus on what is important without compromising your health.  All our tests are physician approved and have been carefully selected by the MHL physician team so that any physician, including your primary care, can diagnose the symptoms you are experiencing with the results you receive.

Test Preperation

No preparation is required for this test. Register your test kit and schedule an appointment with one of our mobile healthcare professionals. Follow the instructions provided in the instruction card included in your test kit prior to your appointment.


Who should get tested?

  • Individuals who are suspicious that they have recently been exposed to an allergen(s) and have had an allergic reaction
  • Individuals with year-round or seasonal allergies
  • Individuals that have the following common indoor/outdoor allergy symptoms:
    • Watery eyes
    • Runny nose
    • Itchy throat
    • Sneezing
    • Difficult to smell or breathe
    • Itchy skin, nose, and mouth


Note: If the symptoms are severe and life-threatening, please seek out immediate healthcare attention.