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At-Home Monkeypox Test

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MyHomeLabs is bringing one of the first At-Home Monkeypox Test Kits to consumers like you. Take a painless, noninvasive PCR test in the comfort of your own home and receive rapid, reliable results to a discreet online portal.  

Did you know?

By the time common monkeypox symptoms form, you may have had the virus for two weeks. Long before the rash, mild respiratory symptoms like a sore throat, cough and nasal congestion may be a cue you’re infected. Take control of your health – and stop the spread within your community –  by getting tested today.

We’re helping put an end to viral epidemics.

When the human monkeypox virus reached the U.S., MyHomeLabs launched a safe, reliable at-home test consumers could count on when symptoms or potential exposure to monkeypox called their health into question. The MyHomeLabs At-Home Monkeypox Test Kit utilizes a noninvasive, oral rinse PCR test to detect monkeypox DNA, offering consumers an easy, step-by-step procedure they can choose to complete alone or with the assistance of a virtual health provider.

The MHL Difference

If it isn’t medical-grade, it isn’t accurate. MyHomeLabs is revolutionizing the way diagnostic testing is done with CLIA-certified at-home tests that fuse customer-first healthcare with trusted clinical lab testing.

What sets us apart? MyHomeLabs is with you every step of the way, offering on-demand medical providers to virtually assist you during your at-home monkeypox self-collection test so you get the most accurate results possible. It’s a continuum of care designed to work in your home, on your schedule.

How it works

Order Your
Test Kit

Order your At-Home Monkeypox Test Kit.

Register Your Test Kit

Register your test kit online and follow the instructions for self-collection, or select to use a helpful virtual health proctor to walk you through your sample collection at no additional cost. Once completed, ship your sample for free using the packing materials included with your test kit.

View Your
Test Results

Receive rapid results to a private online portal you can choose to keep private, share with your physician or discuss with a telehealth provider for an additional fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Monkeypox Test detects human monkeypox, a contagious viral infection similar to smallpox.

Monkeypox symptoms include a skin rash, scabbing, fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes, exhaustion and fatigue, headache and muscle aches and may in some cases include respiratory symptoms such as a sore throat, cough and nasal congestion.

The At-Home Monkeypox Test is encouraged for all adults experiencing related symptoms, who have recently been exposed to the monkeypox virus, who have engaged in unprotected sex or who are sexually active with more than one person, or who have an underlying condition or weakened immune system due to pregnancy, chronic disease or old age.

The At-Home Monkeypox Test Kit includes a requisition form, an oral rinse in a conical tube, a single-use alcohol wipe, a tube label, a biohazard bag, a return shipping label and a shipping envelope.

Monkeypox test kits are completed by patients and do not require at-home appointments, although patients do have the option for virtual assistance with a certified healthcare proctor. Register your test kit by scanning the QR code or visiting and entering the Kit ID found below the QR code.

MHL currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal and Apple Pay as well as FSA/HSA payments for certain tests. We do not accept insurance at this time. All shipping fees as well as virtual instruction with a healthcare proctor are included in the price of your test kit.


Comfortable and quick!

What a great experience I had with MyHomeLabs!  The process went smoothly and I was communicated with well during the entire time.  I scheduled the medical specialist to conduct my test and they were very friendly and gentle, as well as punctual!  I will use this site for future tests, soon!

James D.

Everything about this was perfect.

I’m a retired RN so I carefully reviewed and understood the tests offered.  I was able to order tests that fit my needs.  I am so pleased with the process from start to finish.  I have complete control of my blood work. Thank you so much.

Kristy P.

Helping me reach my health goals

I am trying to eat better, and lose weight, and want to monitor my blood profile for the effects of different diet and exercise regimens. Being able to order blood tests anytime without needing a doctor’s order has helped me understand what is going on inside my body during my weight loss journey.

Jolene R.

Off to a good start

I ordered testing as a general health assessment in preparation to visit a new physician.

Agnes W.

Super Convenient!

I needed to check my thyroid levels and it was just easier to order the test online and have a phlebotomist come to my home rather than to make an appointment with my doctor and have to wait in a lab.

Rebecca J.

Top notch customer service

I have to say that MyHomeLabs offers great customer service. Recently I ordered a test and had the phlebotomist out to my house and I’m very impressed and pleased with the quality of service you offer.

Barbara F.

Thank you!

Very much thankful for the ability to take control of my health situation and would not be able to do this without your services!

Ibraham M.

Personal attention is a plus

In today’s cold corporate world of big labs, it’s refreshing to see that there are still people that are willing to provide help and personal attention to customer’s needs.

Franklin S.

I keep telling people

Your service was perfect as always!!  I tell everyone I know about your service … and most of my friends now use you … including my Doctor!!

Michelle F.

I had doubts, but no more

I just tried MyHomeLabs for the first time. At first, I had doubts about the at home phlebotomist and testing but to my satisfaction and surprise the phlebotomist came right on time and was very professional and trustworthy. The results from the lab came very quickly and were easy to understand.

Chris W.

A great service

Thanks so much for offering this service. I was able to get my labs done quickly. I will use your service again!

Xi P.

Great experience

My experience was great. The phlebotomist that came to my house was very professional and caring. I will use MyHomeLabs again for all my testing and for my family if needed.

Yolanda J.
*The sample collected using this collection kit is processed using a Monkeypox Assay that is a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) validated in accordance with the CLIA Guidance Document (Policy for Diagnostics Testing in Laboratories Certified to Perform High Complexity Testing). It has not been cleared or approved by the FDA. The anticipated benefit of the Testing Services is to determine whether you have an active infection of the Monkeypox Virus.