Diagnostic vs. Nondiagnostic Testing

Understanding the MyHomeLabs Difference

We’re proud to provide a unique service in the world of at-home health screening – comprehensive, diagnostic testing. But what does that really mean? And what’s the difference between diagnostic and nondiagnostic testing? It’s pretty simple once you break it down. Here’s what sets MyHomeLabs apart.

diagnostic testing

What is diagnostic testing?

Unlike non diagnostic tests – which are based on self-collected samples you submit yourself – diagnostic testing is administered directly by a phlebotomist. In the past, that meant a time-consuming visit to the doctor’s office to provide blood samples, which are later screened in a lab.

But MyHomeLabs is the only direct-to-consumer testing provider to offer access to diagnostic testing from the comfort of your own home.

We’ll send a phlebotomist to your house at your convenience – allowing your chosen lab to screen your sample for a wide range of potential health concerns. And because the results are based on blood work, they’re far more reliable and informative than other testing options.

No more follow-up lab visits.

A diagnostic test means just that – unlike other tests, they can be used by a care provider to diagnose disease directly. Whether you choose a telehealth appointment to understand your results or take them directly to your primary care physician, you’ll avoid the hassle of subsequent testing and lab visits.

lab visits
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