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MyHomeLabs offers an incredible variety of diagnostic tests for men's health, women's health, UTI, food sensitivity, STI and more.

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Real Bloodwork.
Real Results.
MyHomeLabs offers an incredible variety of diagnostic tests for men's health, women's health, UTI, food sensitivity, STI and more.

Phlebotomist: More Than a Funny Word

Phlebotomists: Thinking back to the last time you were in a hospital or a doctor’s office, and someone other than your nurse drew your blood for lab testing, do you know who that healthcare worker was? It was probably a phlebotomist – a trained professional who specializes in drawing a person’s blood for medical testing. […]

Monitoring Wellness for a Healthy You

Wellness:   Wellness is a popular topic – it encompasses several areas ranging from physical, emotional, and mental contexts. Regular wellness checks are key to catching changes in one’s health and situation sooner rather than later, and they allow people to have an idea of what aspects of their health may need intervention or closer […]

Gluten Free for a Happy Life and Gut

Gluten:   In the past several years, gluten has become a hot topic in the food world. We’ve watched as menus have grown to include entire pages of gluten free dishes and as grocery stores have dedicated whole aisles to gluten free products. With the rise of knowledge around conditions like celiac disease, which is […]

Allergy Season is the Worst – How to Cope

Allergy Season: Spring might be the most common time of year that people believe they are affected by allergies, but truthfully, these can be impactful all year long. Most people have some degree of sensitivity to pollen and flora, so when trees turn green, grass grows, and flowers bloom it affects a wider degree of […]

Are you Anxious? It Could be Your Gut!

Gut Health: While it’s not a pretty word, “gut” is a common term for the stomach. It can include the related components of the digestive tract as well; the pouch in your abdomen responsible for initiating the breakdown for food you’ve swallowed but this process along with absorption of nutrients continues throughout the intestines. The […]

Save Your Fingers – Have a Professional Blood Draw at Home

Home Blood Draw: With the recent boost in people taking control of their health through monitoring biomarkers, having lab work done regularly is becoming more common. If you’re looking to have a thyroid panel, wellness testing, or hormone levels assessed and your browser history is full of “labs near me” or “lab work near me” […]

Modify Your Life to Modify Your Heart Health

Often the phrase “heart disease” gets used in articles or conversations but doesn’t get defined. It’s important to know that heart disease is an umbrella term that includes a variety of conditions such as improper heart rhythms, faulty heart valves, failure of the muscle that makes up the heart, and malfunction of blood vessels including […]