About MyHomeLabs

We are a team of scientists, doctors, health and wellness professionals, and entrepreneurs who are seeking to redefine and disrupt the traditional healthcare dogma. Our founders discerned through their own experiences with the healthcare system that lab testing is a long and arduous process, with little direction or continuum of care. They knew they could create something better. And so, MyHomeLabs was born.

Every in-home lab test on the market utilizes a finger-prick blood draw. Our medical team advised us that these results are not accurate, and they would not prescribe or medically direct based on a non-diagnostic blood test. MyHomeLabs includes a blood test that is As Accurate as Science Will Allow.™ In order to accomplish this, we have teamed with mobile phlebotomists and a network of the best labs across the country.

We are located in Kansas City and we can ship to any city in the US. Our mobile phlebotomists are less than a 30-minute drive from any customer. No more waiting 4 weeks for accurate lab work!